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August 7 - December 7 2020

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7-15 November 2020


July & August 2020


25 April 2020


14 & 15 December 2019

Gemeenschapscentrum De Camme, Perk

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We start at 9 am in a warm welcoming circle, where we meet one another and open the safe space to take our first gentle steps into connection.


Then we have our opening exercise where we connect with our beautiful environment in the sacred valley through our senses and create a sense of safety within ourselves and in the group.


Once we have established this safe space, we are guided to experience a heart connecting meditation to ground us deeper and bring many unique gifts and insights.


We provide the space and time to share our experiences and receive extra support and inspiration if needed.


Around 12 we have a short break during which we nourish our bodies with fresh fruits.


Then we freshen up our energies by engaging in a short and accessible movement exercise.


After having taken good care of our bodies, we move into relational work, where we are invited to connect with one another, while remaining closely and compassionately connected with ourselves.

We are guided and held throughout this entire process.


Once we have had the opportunity to share what we’ve perceived, learnt and experienced, it is time for lunch.

We are all invited to bring a healthy meal to share in our potluck.


After lunch we tune into our creative potential, our inherent ability to feel and express ourselves in art. We learn to trust ourselves and flow with what we feel, all the while remaining safely connected with ourselves and our environment.


We step into our closing circle, where we open the space again for sharing our unique artwork and anything else we wish to bring forth after a day of deep connection.

We end the workshop in harmony and safety.


Benefits and takeaways


- Deepen self love and compassion
- Speak from your heart

- Embodied authenticity: how does it feel to be true to yourself?

- Awareness (and potential healing) of patterns and potential barriers that prevent you from connecting with your heart

- Step-by-step guidance to overcome barriers and feel more love in your life

- Exploration on safety in your body and tools to empower you

- Increased self confidence and understanding of self

- Take home your unique piece of art that represents your essence and your growth throughout this workshop

Practical details


Who can join:

The workshops is for singles, couples and everyone who is curious to dig deeper and connect with the heart. There is no need for experience with meditation, breathwork and/or creative exercises. Some exercises are individual and others 1:1. We make sure everyone has a partner in relational exercises.



We recommend to only have a light breakfast the day of the workshop as this will help you better to explore and benefit from the workshop.

Potluck: We all bring food to share for lunch. We kindly ask to bring food (portion for 1 or 2 people) that is healthy and prepared with love.


Worth and registration:

Reserve your spot by registering before November 13, 2023.

The worth of this workshop is 185 soles per person.




Steffi Pieters is a holistic psychologist (with a master degree in clinical psychology) and intuitive artist from Belgium. She is passionate about the healing arts and witnessing and cultivating inner beauty. She has been living in Peru for 2,5 years. She has traveled and done volunteering work across Latin-America, Africa and Europe. She offers therapy both online and in person and has been working with children, adolescents and adults, both individually and in group. Her art is intuitive and she guides people to connecting with their own source of empowerment, creative potential and unique essence through art. She is also the creator of the vulnerability podcast and a blog that touches upon a range of topics regarding holistic health. Her website is

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen is a breathwork facilitator from Denmark and is writing a book about love. She is on a mission to discover the mystery of love and how to integrate our hearts deeper in everyday life. She has been in breathwork facilitator training in Denmark and in the zen buddhistic Plum Village in a 1-week retreat. She has also joined the Ancestral Healing Journey with expert in collective trauma Thomas Hübl and is also part of his Mystic Café. An online community where every month she develops competencies like attunement and deeper compassion that are so valuable in the encounter with a partner, with herself and other relationships in her life. She facilitates meditation and workshops and travels the world to explore and share love. She shares her experiences in a travel blog:

Payment details:

- Yape: 901452502 (Yelimar Mora) - please send us a screenshot after payment

- Paypal: (Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen, Specifii)

- Wise: (Steffi Pieters)

- Cash: Payment made at the latest on Monday November 13, 2023.

Once we have received your payment you are registered and we look forward to meeting you!


Are you registered and prevented from joining? You cannot get a refund but you are welcome to sell your ticket to another person. Inform Steffi or Anne-Kathrine about this.

Minimum number of participants is 5. If you register and there are less than 5 registrations you will receive a refund.


Last day for registration: November 13, 2023


Tarabamba Guest House, Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru (see google maps)



We create a safe space and empower you with tools to create safety from the inside - for the safety in the workshop and for you to take home and apply in your life.


Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen

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Steffi Pieters



Steffi Pieters

WhatsApp: +51 927 288 069



Anne-Kathrine Christensen

WhatsApp: +45 40896007


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